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Instrument is introduced
Purge trap - thermal desorption - gas chromatography. Water samples after automatic sampling filter, purge and trap into the device, a N or He gas purging in a row, brought out the target compounds from water, through the adsorption enrichment of the target compound adsorption, then parse with high heat, through the carrier will target compounds into the gas chromatograph, respectively after the chromatographic column to separate different components into the FID and ECD detector for testing, samples after detector, recorded is the chromatogram, every peak on behalf of the original mixed samples of different components, thereby gaining its concentration.
The performance characteristics of
Automatic continuous online sampling analysis, automatic calibration, automatic cleaning, alarm, real-time monitoring data upload and other functions, without personnel on duty
The unique design of sampling quantitative mechanism can minimize the external interference to the purging process and ensure the accuracy of measurement
Adopt Nafion online dewatering technology and deoxidizing technology to reduce the damage of water vapor and oxygen to the system
The unique heating and cooling design of the adsorption tube is conducive to the adsorption and desorption of trace organic matter at different boiling points, ensuring the measurement accuracy
The analyzer adopts capillary column separation technology to detect FID and ECD of different substances with high precision
17 conventional detection factors, expandable.
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