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TGH-STN Total nitrogen water quality on-line automatic monitor

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TGH-STN Total nitrogen water quality on-line automatic monitor


Instrument is introduced
The total nitrogen content in water is one of the important indexes to measure water quality. The determination is helpful to evaluate the status of water pollution and self-purification. When the nitrogen and phosphorus in the surface water exceed the limit, the microorganisms multiply in large quantities, and the plankton grow vigorously and appear eutrophication. Tgh-stn total nitrogen water quality online automatic monitoring instrument is based on the world's first magnetic conductivity measurement platform, combined with constant temperature optical fiber, digestion colorimetric integration technology, to achieve high precision, low detection limit, high stability and low maintenance of total nitrogen automatic online monitoring.
The working principle of the product conforms to the technical requirements of "GB 11894-1989 water quality determination of total nitrogen - alkaline potassium persulfate digestion uv spectrophotometry". The spectrophotometric measurement method can automatically and continuously work according to the long-term unattended field setting. According to the complexity of the field test conditions, the corresponding pretreatment system can be selected to ensure the reliable test process, accurate test results and meet the requirements of different occasions.
The performance characteristics of
High reliability, low maintenance
Key components are imported, high reliability, long life, suitable for long time online monitoring
The metering module adopts photoelectric metering method, USES special metering algorithm, and will not be inaccurate
All components in contact with the liquid are specially tested before delivery to ensure their long-term use
Flow through the special design, not easy to plug;
Accurate measurement, wide range of application
Photoelectric metering method makes the injection accurate and the error small
Automatic chromaticity and turbidity compensation algorithm, fully considering the actual situation of water samples, monitoring results are real and reliable
Unique foaming and agitating mixing technology ensures that samples and reagents are fully mixed
Safe use and efficient analysis
Automatic liquid leakage alarm function. In case of reagent leakage, the instrument will automatically alarm to prompt the user for maintenance
The equipment has the function of self-diagnosis, if there is a fault, it can automatically alarm and display the fault name.


Test the method

Ultraviolet spectrophotometric method for alkaline potassium persulfate digestion

Measured interval

1. 2. 3. 4 hours, can also trigger through the serial port

Measuring range

0~ 50mg/L, other range can be customized

Reagent dosage

A single set of reagents can be used to measure 250 samples (12 samples per day)

Error value


Maintenance workload

< 2 h/month



Analog input

1-channel 4-20ma input (expandable to 2-channel)

Zero drift


Analog output

1-way 4-20ma output (expandable to 2-way), maximum load 5002

Span drift


Communication interface

RS485/RS232/USB interface (optional)

Measure the lower limit

0.2 mg/L

Working temperature


Power consumption

200W (AC220V, 50Hz)


Height 1500x width 550x depth 465 (mm)


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