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TGH-STHg Total mercury water quality on-line automatic monitor

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TGH-STHg Total mercury water quality on-line automatic monitor


Instrument is introduced
TGH - STHg total mercury in water quality on-line automatic monitor using spectrophotometric measurement method, according to the scene setting unattended automatic continuous work for a long time, depending on the complexity of the working condition of field test, optional corresponding pretreatment system, to ensure that the test results are accurate and reliable process, fully meet the requirements of different occasions.
Applicable to the industrial waste water and surface water contaminated with mercury.
The performance characteristics of
Principle of mixer instrument detection using national standard method, test process completely in line with industry standards
Mixer simple maintenance, low operating cost
Convenient maintenance, low failure rate and long life
Mixer automatic calibration and cleaning
Pieces of data stored records will never be lost
Components and energy saving, no secondary pollution
Mixer automatic alarm, automatic diagnosis and automatic eliminate residual reactants and automatically return to work

Method of measurement

Dithizone spectrophotometry

Measurement cycle

The minimum test cycle is 20min

Measuring range


Sampling period

Time interval (adjustable), hour or trigger measurement mode can be set

resolution of the

0.001 mg/L

Calibration cycle

Automatic calibration (1~99 days adjustable), according to the actual water sample, manual calibration can be set

Accuracy of

Soil < 10% or < +0.1mg/L (the larger of the two)

Maintenance cycle

The maintenance interval is more than 1 month, about 30min each time


5% or 0.05mg/L

Reagent consumption

Generally less than 0.5 yuan/sample

Zero drift


Man-machine operation

Touch screen display and command input

Span drift


Input interface

Switch quantity

Detection limit

0.01 mg/L

Output interface

2 channel RS232 digital output, 1 channel 4~20mA analog output

Data is stored

No less than half a year data storage

Work environment

Indoor work, the recommended temperature is 5~28C, the humidity is less than 90% (no condensation)

Power supply requirements

AC220V soil 15%, 50~60Hz, 5A


Height 1500X width 550X depth 465 (mm)


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