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System is introduced
The tgh-yx continuous flue gas emission monitoring system (CEMS) is a continuous online monitoring system for the total emission of pollutants from fixed air pollution sources. Is mainly used in the industrial boilers, power plant boiler, industrial kilns and garbage incinerator flue gas particle pollution sources, such as S02, NO x pollutants such as dynamic, continuous monitoring, and measurement of flue gas flow rate, oxygen content, gas pressure, gas temperature, flue gas humidity, automatic record total pollutants discharge and discharge time, and can through the GPRS communication means such as monitoring data transfer to the management department, realize the real-time remote monitoring of pollution emissions.
The various technical indexes of this system meet the national environmental protection standard "technical specification for continuous monitoring of stationary sources flue gas emissions (HJ/T75) and continuous monitoring system for the stationary sources flue gas emissions technical requirements and test methods" (HJ/T 76) requirements, as well as the pollution sources on-line automatic monitoring (monitoring) system data transfer standard "(HJ/T212) requirements.
The performance characteristics of
Modular structure design, flexible configuration;
Adopt heat pipe sampling principle to avoid sulfur dioxide condensation loss and corrosion gas path
Adopt multistage filter, more thorough dust filtration and more effective blowback
The range is calibrated automatically and manually to ensure the measuring accuracy of the system
Fault self-diagnosis, long maintenance cycle, high degree of automation
Simple operation, small maintenance workload, low cost
The system has strong expansibility and can fully meet the needs of different users
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