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SGEP-300PM continuous monitoring system for smoke (particulate matter) emissions

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SGEP-300PM continuous monitoring system for smoke (particulate matter) emissions


Product introduction
The sgep-300pm flue gas (particulate matter) emission continuous monitoring system independently developed and produced by our company adopts the principle of direct extraction of wet flue gas containing particulate matter, high temperature heating and gasification, and light scattering measurement to realize real-time continuous measurement of flue gas particles. At the same time, oxygen, temperature, pressure, flow, humidity and other parameters are monitored, and the monitoring data are transmitted to the environmental protection management department according to the HJ/T212 national standard communication protocol.
The system is suitable for monitoring particulate matter under low temperature and high humidity conditions, including thermal power, iron and steel, metallurgy, cement, aluminum, petrochemical, ceramic industry and other industries, but also can be used for dust removal equipment efficiency monitoring, combustion efficiency monitoring, measurement of particle concentration in the process of industrial manufacturing.
Product features
Multiple range :(0 ~ 15,50,100)mg/m, higher range optional
The probe is installed on one side for easy installation
Match the actual velocity of flue gas and have the function of constant velocity sampling
It can quickly heat wet flue gas into dry flue gas, and can adapt to the condition of high humidity and low concentration of particulate matter
Automatic blowback can effectively prevent the probe from contamination, with small maintenance amount and long maintenance interval
Power - off self - protection, power - on self - start, strong environmental adaptability

Working principle

Extraction laser forward scattering method

Mechanical properties

Dimensions: 650*600* 1500mm (length x width x height)
Weight: 200 kg
Protection level: IP66

Optical properties

Operating wavelength: (650+20)nm, 10mW

Measure performance

Measuring range: (O~ 15, 50, 100)mg/m3, optional
Zero drift: +2.0%F.S./24h
Range drift: +2.0%F.S./24h correlation coefficient: 20.85
Accuracy: when the concentration of > is 200mg/m3, the relative error is +15%;
When > is 100mg/m3~ <200mg/m3, the relative error is +20%;
When > 50mg/m3~ S 100mg/m3, the relative error is +25%;
When > is 20mg/m3~ <50mg/m3, the relative error is +30%.
When > is 10mg/m3~ s20mg/m3, the absolute error is +6mg/m3.
When 10mg/m3, the absolute error is +5mg/m3;
Response time: S 10s

Power requirement

380 vac / 50 hz, 220 vac / 50 hz

Interface features

Analog output: (4~ 20)mA
Digital output: RS485


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