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SGEP-300C continuous monitoring system for flue gas emission

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SGEP-300C continuous monitoring system for flue gas emission


Product introduction
Sgep-300c continuous flue gas emission monitoring system is a flue gas online monitoring system developed by our company in order to meet the requirements of national relevant atmospheric emission standards, absorb international advanced and mature technology, and combine with the actual situation of domestic site (low temperature, high humidity, high corrosion). The system is a complete system from sampling, preprocessing, gas analysis to data collection and data upload, which is designed and developed by using automatic control technology, computer application technology and relevant special analysis software with the x-stream gas analyzer of German EMERSON company as the core.
Mainly used in the dynamic continuous pollutants such as SO2, NOx in flue gas monitoring, monitoring of oxygen at the same time, other parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, through data collection and processing system for generating charts, the monitoring data in accordance with the HJ212 national standard communication protocol, far to the environmental protection departments at various levels, so as to realize the remote monitoring of flue gas emission process.
Detection principle
Product features
1. All parts in contact with flue gas are made of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant special stainless steel, ptfe and other materials;
2. Direct sampling and high-temperature heat tracing transmission are adopted to avoid smoke condensation and make the measurement more representative;
3. Special pretreatment system.
Efficient dehydration condenser, export of Td 5 ℃ or less and HJ76 standard;
SO2 loss measure quantity;
Add acid to compensate SO2 loss.
4. Real-time dew point value display and dew point over-limit alarm.
Prevent condensation of flue gas and dissolve gas corrosion instruments such as SO2 and NO2;
The analysis deviation caused by moisture condensation and the corrosion of the analysis system are avoided.
5, with automatic zero calibration function.
6. Double range automatic switching function.
7. Multi-channel analog input/output function.
8. Simple operation, quick setting, convenient operation, less maintenance work and lower cost.
Technical parameters


Technical indicators

Gaseous pollutant

Range :SO2:0-200mg/m3
NO: 0-200 mg/m3
Accuracy: SO2: when < 143mg/m, the absolute error is less than 43mg/m3
NOx: when < 103mg/m3, the absolute error is less than or equal to 31mg/m3
Zero drift: +2.5%F.S.  linear error: +5%  response time: 200s


Range :0-25% accuracy: <15%
Zero drift: +2.5%F.S.  linear error: +5%  response time: 200s


Range :0-40m/s  relative error: > 10m/s, +10%


Range: 0-300°C  of error of + 3°C  or less


Range :0-40% relative error: > 5.0%, +25%

NOx converter

Conversion efficiency: > 96%


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