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SGEP-600GC type on - line monitoring system for vocs

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SGEP-600GC type on - line monitoring system for vocs

Product introduction
SGEP - 600 type gc of volatile organic compounds of on-line monitoring system, combined with domestic industry standards and our country's environmental protection standards, adopted the advanced gas chromatographic separation technology and FID, PID and other detection methods, combined with the modern network technology, automatic measurement technology, automatic control technology, computer application technology, design and development of a measurement
Measure the total hydrocarbon, non-methane total hydrocarbon, benzene, toluene, xylene and other characteristic volatile organic gas components in the exhaust gas, measure the temperature, humidity, flow rate, oxygen content, pressure and other parameters, and transfer the measurement data to the online monitoring system of the environmental protection department.
The performance characteristics of
Whole-process high-temperature sampling, high-temperature detection, small sample loss, more accurate measurement
The advanced pretreatment system provides the analyzer with high purity driving gas and carrier gas to prevent the pipeline pollution caused by long-term purging and extend the operating life of the equipment
High precision temperature control and accurate flow control, ensure the chromatographic conditions, ensure stable operation
It has the function of real-time monitoring the running state of detector and automatic switching of air circuit to ensure the safety of operation
The system power off self-protection, call from the start, to ensure the safety of operation
Various parameters, flexible configuration, intuitive display, expandable
System composition
The system consists of sampling system, pretreatment system, gas source system, gas chromatography analyzer, auxiliary parameter measurement system, data acquisition and transmission system
Technical parameters
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