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SGEP-300B portable flue gas analyzer

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SGEP-300B portable flue gas analyzer


Principle: ultraviolet differential spectroscopy (SO2, NO), electrochemistry (O2)
Range: 0 ~ 100 ~ 2000mg/m3 (SO2, NO), 0 ~ 25% (O2)
Linear error: 5%F.S.
Repeatability: 2%
Zero drift: 2%F.S./24h
Range drift: 2%F.S./24h
Application field
It is suitable for multi-level environmental monitoring stations, third-party testing institutions, fixed source gaseous pollutants of environmental protection comparison and acceptance, emergency testing, instrument calibration, coal-fired power plants, gas power plants, cement plants, steel plants and other polluter self-inspection, laboratory gas detection and analysis.
The performance characteristics of
Ultraviolet difference algorithm can effectively avoid the interference of CO, CH4 and other gases on SO2 and ensure the measurement accuracy.
Low detection limit, not affected by moisture and dust, strong anti-interference ability;
Imported core components, long service life, reliable performance;
Constant current sampling can effectively ensure the constant pressure in the air chamber and reduce the measurement error caused by the change of pressure.
Equipped with Nafion pretreatment system, highly efficient dewatering, pre-treatment with built-in ammonia removal filtration device, effectively reducing NH3 cross-interference, reducing SO2 loss, real reaction condition;
Data processing, storage, query, printing function, convenient to grasp the history and current data, data can be real-time export, convenient comparison test;
The internal gas chamber, light source and spectrometer adopt modular design, which is convenient to transplant.
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