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Total emission control system for pollution sources

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Total emission control system for pollution sources


This system supported by software and hardware facilities, with advanced remote control, communication technology, database technology, IC rf card technology, systems integration and other technology as the backing, pollution, environmental quality automatic online monitoring as the core, build a stable and efficient sewage remote rigid control of the application of intelligent remote control system; Combined with the system's accurate metering device, total control device and sewage charging system, the application of IC radio-frequency card technology or remote center login mode makes sewage charging more fair and convenient. To enable the environmental protection functional departments to timely, accurately and comprehensively grasp the situation of pollution source discharge and environmental quality, so as to bring environmental supervision to a new level and provide technical support for pollution source supervision, environmental assessment, environmental early warning and decision-making analysis.
Charge blowdown
Rf smart card read-write double interface and non-contact rf card, support lSO14443TypeA/B and ISO7816 standard, through RS232 serial interface or USB port to connect with the PC machine and related equipment, USB with no flooding technique, easy to users to install and use, its support for multiple CARDS can be used for higher areas need security card and security requirements.
Intelligent allowed
According to the approved total emission and emission plan, implement the intelligent control with IC radio frequency card or center as the media.
Warning alarm
Sound-light alarm unit: it is composed of an alarm and an alarm elimination button, which can directly monitor and alarm the pollution factor exceeding the standard, the total amount of pollution exceeding the standard, the power failure of the municipal power and the communication failure of the network.
Alarm: when the alarm is triggered, the system software outputs the command, and the pre-processing unit controls the alarm action accordingly. Alarm elimination button: long press the contact button for 1 second after the alarm sounds to remove the alarm sound.
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