Volatile organic compounds of on-line monitoring system for the solution

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Volatile organic compounds of on-line monitoring system for the solution

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Volatile organic compounds of on-line monitoring system for the solution

Solution overview
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) refers to the atmospheric pressure boiling point under 50 ℃ to 260 ℃ of various organic compounds, including alkanes, aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, esters, aldehydes, ketones, etc., to the human body has a stronger effect cause cancer, birth defects and reproductive system toxicity, is a domestic and international priority pollutants monitoring and control of a class of features. The company VOCs, atmospheric monitoring system is divided into flue gas and volatile organic compounds in water monitoring system, and can realize "pollution - industrial park - city" three layer application configuration.
Measured parameters
 System model
Measured parameters
Application field

SGEP-600GC(explosion-proof type)

Methane/non methane total hydrocarbons, benzene series (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, between adjacent / / p-xylene), and the stench of volatile organic compounds
Chromatographic separation + FID
Oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, printing, spraying, footwear, rubber plastic products, chemical fiber, man-made board manufacturing industries such as atmospheric pollutant exhaust and VOCs monitoring


Benzene content, halogenated hydrocarbon
Purging capture - hot stripping - gas chromatography
In surface water, groundwater, sewage and industrial wastewater VOCs monitoring



The performance characteristics of


Flue gas VOC monitoring system
Water quality monitoring system
 internationally recognized VOCs test standard methods: gas chromatography (GC) + FID);
 through high temperature heating, no cold spot sampling, effectively avoid sample loss;
 support multiple kind of special factor pollution detection, has superior scalability;
 perfect self-inspection and fault alarm function;
 FID detector has the function of automatic ignition, cut off after the flame is extinguished hydrogen, safe and reliable;
 optional explosion-proof design, installed in hazardous areas, safe and reliable.
 automatic continuous on-line sampling analysis, automatic calibration, automatic cleaning, can be alarm, real-time monitoring data upload and unattended without personnel;
 unique sample quantitative mechanism design, the maximum to reduce external interference with purging process, ensure the accuracy of the measurement;
 in addition to the water with the Nafion online technology and deoxidation technology, reduce damage to the water vapor and oxygen;
 unique adsorption tube heating and cooling design, help to different boiling point the adsorption of trace concentrations of organic matter and stripping, ensure measurement accuracy;
 analyzer by capillary column separation technology, FID and ECD high-precision testing on different materials.


Typical cases
Shandong qilu pharmaceutical group VOC online monitoring project
Shandong dongying coastal lingang industrial park VOC online monitoring project
Jiangsu yancheng industrial park of VOC online monitoring project
Jiangsu taizhou chemical park VOC online monitoring project
Jiangsu lianyungang chemical industry park of VOC online monitoring project
Zhenhai refining VOC online monitoring project of zhejiang province
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