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VOCs governance

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VOCs governance



Solution overview
Using self-owned intellectual property of polymer adsorption and low temperature plasma technology, custom unique VOCs treatment solutions for our customers.
Adsorption polymerization technology: targeted by the unique internal structure and process control, to achieve high energy turbulent turbulent washing, atomized particles, glue particle aggregation exhaust gases, provides front guarantee for stable adsorption longevity, finally realizes the stable discharging standard. The technology is widely used in high security requirements, high content of oily glue particles atomized particles in industry, such as grain and oil, petrochemical, coal chemical industry, paint spraying, etc.
Low temperature plasma technology together: multicomponent complex VOCs can be one-time effective governance, is widely used in food processing, baking and other types of enterprises of middle and lower concentration of odorous gas treatment. The technology through the original automatic control and protection to ensure the safe operation of the self-locking, through plasma adsorption catalytic decomposition and coordination technology plasma efficient.
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