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Water governance

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Water governance

Solution overview
Companies adhere to the "ecological, energy-saving, nature, landscape" concept to carry out the environmental water treatment, targeted bacteria technique to realize water and silt coordination treatment, flow particle technology overcome the limit of time and space to the greatest extent, to create efficient biochemical flow environment, rapid implementation water ecological restoration. Through the innovation of the industrial waste water and environmental water treatment technology and application, to solve the problem of degradable organic wastewater advanced treatment and reuse, and black smelly environment water mud synergy governance issues. Pretreatment, biochemical treatment, deep desalting and strong brine treatment of refractory industrial wastewater treatment system solutions, the core technology includes: biochemical sequencing batch type selection, advanced oxidation, DT - RO, EDRO combination desalting and MVR salt crystallization point technology.
People and water in harmony, restore clear green water is soft; Return to nature, to keep the diversity of environment water; Repairing function, pay attention to the ecological landscape shape; Ecological self-purification, living environment of water body.
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