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Denitration governance

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Denitration governance

Solution overview
SCR technology based on the catalyst regeneration operation service, based on the oxygen source ozone oxidation technology and flue gas integration management technology based on the activated coke constitutes the core technology of the company out of the smoke gas governance system.
Through the transformation of production, study and cooperation with the international first-class research institute, in the realization of SCR denitration engineering general contracting services at the same time provide the system catalyst regeneration recycling operations in whole life cycle of technical services. Ozone oxidation, catalytic formula and integrated innovation of activated coke adsorption regeneration process, implement the custom optimization, optimization of smoke flow in, adsorbent catalyst regeneration fluid to improve optimization, which created a new comprehensive control of flue gas denitration height.
Combined with environment means the Internet of things technology integration operation detection monitoring and evaluation, monitoring and predicting catalyst failure process tracking; The use of directional regeneration technology to eliminate the limiting factor of catalyst; Activation of catalyst, added to achieve the resource reuse of catalyst, solved the denitration catalyst waste disposal problem, prolong the service life of catalyst, waste to reduce costs.
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