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Big data of environmental protection

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Big data of environmental protection

Solution overview
By building the integration of heaven and earth ecological environment monitoring network, set up a unified infrastructure platform, using the fog computing, virtualization technology, etc., based hardware and software implementation of unified management and comprehensive utilization of resources. Environment big data center fully explore and the application value of the mining ecological environment monitoring network data, thereby to develop multiple business management application module, which covers the business monitoring, environment management, law enforcement decision and the public service aspects of N application of extensible, supplemented by the implementation of environmental risk assessment and project planning, operation and maintenance and environmental consulting and other services.
This scheme from the government, enterprises, public and environmental industrialization of big data, constructing ecological environment big data industry collaborative environment, integrate the resources and technical force, service for the environment, environmental management and environmental decision-making to provide data support, eventually establish a comprehensive environmental information management system, promote the intelligent level of environmental monitoring business.
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