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China green environmental protection technology co., ltd. is the holding subsidiary of shanxi China green environmental protection group, established in 2008, with a registered capital of 55 million yuan, is a national high-tech enterprise and software enterprise specializing in multi-directional integrated solutions of environmental protection Internet of things and environmental protection big data perception, access, platform, application, operation and maintenance services.
China green environmental protection is the initiator of China's environmental protection Internet of things and the pioneer of ecological big data. The research and development and marketing headquarters of the company is located in the aobei science and technology park, haidian district, Beijing, and the production and operation base is located in taiyuan xuefu park, shanxi transformation and comprehensive transformation demonstration zone. The company covers an area of 14,823 square meters, with nearly 20,000 square meters of scientific research buildings and production plants, and an annual output of 1,000 sets (sets) of production lines for continuous monitoring system of pollution source emissions. China's environmental protection industry backbone enterprises, state-level international technology cooperation base, China's environmental protection industry enterprise credit grade AAA enterprise, national innovative enterprises, national demonstration of experts workstation, computer information system integration level 3 qualification enterprise, is "environmental monitoring of Shanxi Province engineering technology research center" organization led by the unit; The company's registered trademark "zhonglv" was awarded as "famous trademark of Shanxi Province", and the online monitoring products of pollution sources were awarded as "famous products of Shanxi Province". Passed ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001 management system certification; Flue gas online monitoring, water quality online monitoring and related products have accumulated 16 environmental protection product certification.
From 1992, the first domestic flue gas on-line monitoring instrument was born in the green environmental protection, environmental protection content of more than 20 years will always networking technology and product research and development production, marketing, technical services as the main line of company development, formed a "point cloud + + end" green Internet business framework, developed by continuous monitoring system for flue gas emissions, volatile organic compounds, water quality on-line monitoring system for automatic monitoring, automatic pollution sources monitoring facilities dynamic control and intelligent evaluation of operational system, pollution sources monitoring network system, environment information management system and so on environmental monitoring and environmental perception data application products, The technical level has reached the leading domestic or international advanced level. "Taiyuan online automatic monitoring network system for pollution sources", "dongguan environmental protection bureau online monitoring pilot construction project for heavy metals", "jincheng online monitoring system construction and operation project for pollution sources" undertaken by the company were rated as "national key environmental protection practical technology demonstration project". At present, the company has set up 7 branches, 30 offices in the country, the market share in the forefront of the industry.
The company will adhere to the principle of "protecting the environment, benefiting mankind, creating fine products and contributing to the society", take the environmental protection Internet of things and ecological big data as the core, continuously enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise, and make outstanding contributions to the improvement of environmental quality and harmonious social development.